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The History and Future of the WTO

Every issue of the Washington Trade Report includes a feature article that delves more deeply into one topic. In our latest report (Vol.29 No.27) we take a somewhat different approach, offering reflections on The History and Future of the World Trade Organization. This sample issue is posted here.

Written by WTR publisher Craig VanGrasstek, The History and Future of the World Trade Organization will be launched in Geneva on July 23. This book reviews the origins and evolution of the WTO, from its intellectual prehistory to the present day. In addition to examining the executive, legislative, and judicial functions of this institution, The History explores negotiations over countries' accession to the WTO, the practice of coalition diplomacy, the managment of the institution, and other topics.

This latest report also covers current developments in U.S. trade polocy, especially the pending trade negotiations with the TransPacific Partnership and the European Union and the movement towards what could become a new, omnibus trade bill. That bill could include provisions to renew the president's trade promotion authority, as well as renewing the Generalized System of Preferences and enacting a miscellaneous tariff bill.

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Welcome to the Washington Trade Report

The Washington Trade Report's coverage includes:

  • Trade legislation in the 113th Congress
  • The effect of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections on U.S. policy

  • Regulatory initiatives in the Obama administration

  • Negotiations in the World Trade Organization and the TransPacific Partnership

  • Cases brought under the trade-remedy laws

  • Trade sanctions and export restrictions

  • Rulings in administrative bodies

  • Dispute-settlement proceedings in the WTO

  • Trends and data in U.S. trade

  • Public opinion on trade and globalization

  • Current research in the law, economics, politics, and logistics of trade

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