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Consumer Product Safety: Standards and Bans
This is part of the law establishing and empowering the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and is the product of numerous revisions from 1972 through 2008. The text shown here is as codified in Chapter 47 of Title 15 of the U.S. Code.



Other provisions in the law that are included on CENTRAL cover these topics:

Note that many other provisions of the chapter that are less directly related to issues of trade compliance are not included here. These include inter alia provisions on CPSC procedures, its powers, and other matters.


See also related provisions of law concerning trade in hazardous products and products containing lead.


See also the CENTRAL guide to Security, Sanctions, and Compliance.




§2056. Consumer product safety standards

(a) Types of requirements

The Commission may promulgate consumer product safety standards in accordance with the provisions of section 2058 of this title. A consumer product safety standard shall consist of one or more of any of the following types of requirements:

(1) Requirements expressed in terms of performance requirements.

(2) Requirements that a consumer product be marked with or accompanied by clear and adequate warnings or instructions, or requirements respecting the form of warnings or instructions.

Any requirement of such a standard shall be reasonably necessary to prevent or reduce an unreasonable risk of injury associated with such product.

(b) Reliance of Commission upon voluntary standards

(1) The Commission shall rely upon voluntary consumer product safety standards rather than promulgate a consumer product safety standard prescribing requirements described in subsection (a) of this section whenever compliance with such voluntary standards would eliminate or adequately reduce the risk of injury addressed and it is likely that there will be substantial compliance with such voluntary standards.

(2) The Commission shall devise procedures to monitor compliance with any voluntary standards—

(A) upon which the Commission has relied under paragraph (1);

(B) which were developed with the participation of the Commission; or

(C) whose development the Commission has monitored.

(c) Contribution of Commission to development cost

If any person participates with the Commission in the development of a consumer product safety standard, the Commission may agree to contribute to the person's cost with respect to such participation, in any case in which the Commission determines that such contribution is likely to result in a more satisfactory standard than would be developed without such contribution, and that the person is financially responsible. Regulations of the Commission shall set forth the items of cost in which it may participate, and shall exclude any contribution to the acquisition of land or buildings. Payments under agreements entered into under this subsection may be made without regard to section 3324(a) and (b) of title 31.


§2057. Banned hazardous products

Whenever the Commission finds that—

(1) a consumer product is being, or will be, distributed in commerce and such consumer product presents an unreasonable risk of injury; and

(2) no feasible consumer product safety standard under this chapter would adequately protect the public from the unreasonable risk of injury associated with such product,

the Commission may, in accordance with section 2058 of this title, promulgate a rule declaring such product a banned hazardous product.