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The advent of the single undertaking meant the end of the time when GATT contracting parties could pick and choose among the agreements that they wish to sign. WTO members are required to adhere to all of the agreements reached in the Doha Round, as well as most of those carrying over from the Uruguay Round.

There nonetheless remain some plurilateral agreements in the WTO system. Annex 4 of the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization identified four such agreements that did not fall within the scope of the single undertaking, only two of which remain relevant today:


The following sectoral protocols to the General Agreement on Trade in Services have been reached:

Other agreements that have been negotiated since the end of the Uruguay Round are also plurilateral in nature, having been reached on the basis of "critical mass" outside of a round. The most significant of these is the Information Technology Agreement.

The following are the more significant documents emerging from the ministerial conferences of the GATT and WTO:

There was no ministerial conference in 2007, and no ministerial declarations issued at the Geneva conferences of 2009 and 2011.